Chicken Drum Teriyaki Dinner



First, you will need to make Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

1/4 cup soy sauce,

1 cup water,

1 tbsp of bottled ginger diced

1 clove of garlic diced

3 tbsp of brown sugar

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp cornstarch plus 1/4 cup of cold water

Preheat oven to 375

Add all items together in a pot except for the cornstarch and cold water, heat the above ingredients, bring it to a boil and turn down, stir cooking for 5 mins, put the cornstarch into a cup add the cold water mix well until it is smooth paste like, pour this paste into the pot mixture, mix well, bring it back to a boil, turn down stir continuously until thicken, once thicken remove from heat.

Get your drumsticks put them into a glass 9 by 13 baking dish and cover the chicken with some of the sauce.  Rub the chicken around to make sure it get all cover in sauce.  Put into the oven to bake for about 45 mins.  Half way through turn chicken over so to make sure it evenly browns.

Now, prepare vegs, peel and cut up carrots, onions, red pepper and broccoli.  You can do other vegs if you prefer.  Pick the vegs you like.  Put all of them in a bowl, pour some of the remaining sauce over the vegs and stir.  To make sure vegs don’t brown too much or get burnt from the oven add a cup of water in the baking dish.  You take a glass baking dish 9 x 13 and pour the veg that are covered in sauce into dish add the water and put into the oven, they need about 1/2 hour, they might need more or less time depending on how cooked one likes their vegs.

Now you make sticky rice, for my gang we do 2 cups of rice and 3 cups of water.  First, rinse the rice until the water is coming out clear.  Then put the rice in a pot pour 3 cups of cold water over rice, put the pot onto the unit and turn it on hi, without a lid on.  Wait for the rice to start showing signs of boiling, then cover the rice with a tight-fitting lid, turn down to low and cook for about 20 mins or until water has been absorbed and rice is cooked.


Now make a salad.  I normally use iceberg lettuce this time I was out or I used romaine. Break lettuce up into chucks, wash it, cut up a cucumber, and grated a large carrot.  Put the lettuce, cucumber and carrot on the plate.  Then I make an Asian dressing for the salad.

Asian Dressing

1 tbsp of soy sauce,

1 tbsp of white sugar,

1 tbsp of white vinegar,

3 tsp of usually I use sesame seed oil but I was out so I used a light olive oil,

mix well together and dress the salad.



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