Occo Buco

Let this cook for a long time, several hours, I usually make around lunch time and leave until 7pm dinnertime, the longer the better though.

Put your veal shanks, I do 4 shanks, into a large pot, pour some olive oil over them, coating them well, flip the shanks over a few times making sure they are all coated in the oil, then heat pot and oil up until oil is sizzling on medium, then cook for 6 mins to brown each side,  but before that make sure you pepper and sprinkle lemon herb on the shanks (both sides), after browning simply add your other ingredients (see below) and let them cook.

Two chopped carrots,

1 large chopped onion,

3 chopped garlic cloves,

1 cup of red wine,

½ cup of water,

1 beef bouillon,

2 tsp of orange marmalade

12 medium tomatoes diced

1, 27 oz can with spices diced tomatoes, pour can contents into pot

Cover pot and lets simmer on 3 roughly stirring occasionally turn down if it is boiling as you want it to simmer not boil.

Sever over rice, or pasta, or even mash potatoes but the potatoes have to be mashed as you want them to absorb the sauce.

Serve with a baguette and salad a perfect easy meal.

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