A Perfect Cuppa Tea

Now it seems strange to say how to make a perfect cuppa tea.  But it is a skill.  If you use tea bags or loose leaf.  Loose leaf is much nicer in flavour and quality of the tea.

First you need to boil your water in a kettle, when it boils put some of the hot water into your cup.  Re-boil the water while cup warms up.  If you have a warmer on your stove top then put your cup with water on the warmer and turn it on.  The water will re-boil quickly.  When re-boiled empty the water in cup put either your tea bag or your loose leaf tea in a strainer into or on top of the cup and pour water.  Then depending on if you want a strong taste to your tea or a wicker taste then leave for 2 to 5 minutes.

Earl Gray or Flavoured teas I leave for 4 to 5 minutes

Oolong, Lapsang, Keemun teas I leave for 2 minutes

White teas and green teas 4 to 5 minutes

Ceylon, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Chai teas I leave for 3 minutes

The water temperature, the length of time, warming the cup or tea pot and the quality of your tea makes a big difference in the taste of a beautiful cuppa tea.

Twinning is a great tea company for both tea bag and loose leave

Four O’clock Tea is another good tea for bag tea

David’s Tea is good for loose leaf and tea bags

Some great loose leaf and even tea bag companies that I buy in bulk from are Say Tea in Toronto, Tealish in Toronto, Murchie’s in Vancouver

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