Crepes Anybody!


3 cups of milk

8 eggs

12 tbsp. of melted butter

2 cups of flour

This will feed 4 adults dinner and dessert.  I stuff half of these either with my chicken filling or my egg filling.  For the dinner part.  For the dessert part of the meal I stuff with banana and chocolate sauce.

Directions for crepes:

Using my kitchen-aid, I beat the eggs and milk together then I add the flour but 1 tbsp. at a time until it is all in the egg/milk mixture.  Scrap sides and bottom until well mix together and smooth.  Add the melted butter, mix and keep mixing until ready to cook.

Heat crepe pan on medium high heat for  3 minutes before cooking the first crepe.  The first three crepe, I cook on medium high heat, then turn down heat to a 3 and cook remainder of crepes.  Note, the heat is important and so usually the first crepe will not turn out right.  As the heat might not be just right.  So I use the first crepe as my test crepe.  To get heat right and also to try crepe and make sure it tastes just right.

I cook all the crepes and keep them warm in the oven, on a plate with wax paper between each crepe.  I put batter into measuring cup the rest I leave in mixing bowl and keep mixing it while I cook the first few.  I use a ladle for soup to determine the amount to use in crepe pan.  I spray crepe pan.  Then pour the crepe batter into pan from the ladle.  Tilt pan on a 45 degree angle, rotating spreading out all the batter so it covers the whole pan.  Cook for 2 minutes, then flip and cook for 15 seconds.  Then transfer to plate, I do this by sliding out the crepe from the pan onto the plate.  Spray the pan again and repeat until all batter is cooked.  It should give you 15 large crepes plus 1 test crepe.



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