A Poem By Me, An Extraordinary Chef Dog

garden 3


garden 2


Work and toll all day

Lazily around my house

This is my dreaded wasteland

Of my domain

A burden of great magnitude

You can’t imagine

I’m forgotten; set aside

But once I lay my eyes

Upon my plush garden

Utopia found,

My solitude has been acquired

All is forgiven

I’ve been pardon

From the wasteland

Of my domain

An oasis, awaiting my arrival

My burdens lifted

Right off my shoulders

Stress floats away

No approval to attain

But grace needs to be harken

So I kneel before a martin

Glancing towards the skis

In search of the heavily spirits

For I beseech them

For their gifts 

Are all my simple soul requires

The putter, patter of the rain

Sprinkles down my head

Hallow be thy name

The clouds part

And the sun shines bright

Upon my utopia

As my garden is my temple

That offers guidance, solitude and refuge

From all burdens found

In my domain

As my garden is my temple

Granting me nourishment

Offering a helping hand

So my dreaded domain

Is no more

Than a simple burden

Upon my shoulders



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