Advice 3 – A Great Chef, Uses Fresh Ingredients

Now, you can’t have a butcher shop right in your home.  However, you can buy good quality when it comes to your meats, your tofu’s and other vegetarian proteins.  But what you can do is have a garden with fresh herbs, vegetables and edible flowers.

If you live in an apartment you can create a small garden on the balcony.  If no balcony then you can do it inside in pots but make sure you shine light onto the pots so the herbs will grow.  It is better if you get blue light bulbs that mimic the sun effects.  I do this in the winter months.  That is, create a small garden in pots.

In the summer I have a herb garden and a vegetable garden.    This year my owners decided to make over their backyard so I told them I needed them to created me a large garden as well as a large herb garden.  Well, my owners are working hard on doing just that for me.  So I will have fresh vegs and herbs in the summer, along with edible flowers.

Can’t wait for this transition.


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