A Father’s Day Creations

Now, when it is ones’ birthday, or special day in our household we get to pick our breakfast and dinner.  We don’t have to do any chores that day either jus

relax while everybody else looks after you.

Since Fathers’ Day fell on a Sunday we decided to do brunch instead of breakfast or lunch.

Brunch was a smoothie to start followed by a crepe and salad, finished with a Nutella banana crepe

Strawberry Smoothie to Start

700 grams of vanilla yogurt I use Activia

1 pint of fresh strawberries always the best for dad

1/2 cup of milk

2 tbsp. of real dark maple syrup

Put all into blender, make sure to wash your strawberries and cut in half.  Puree and if you want it less thick then add more milk.

t sit back and

Next crepes

Using a blender, ours is a Ninja Pro Blender.  Great blender I must say.  Easy for a dog to use.

In blender mix 1/2 cup of all purpose, 1/2 of whole wheat, 1 tbsp. brown sugar, 6 egg whites,  1 1/2 cups of 2% milk, 3 tbsp. of olive oil, blend until smooth.  You might need to scrap the edges of the blender.

In a fry pan cook the mixture pouring about 1/2 cup into a crepe fry pan and fry on medium heat.  Make sure to warm up your fry pan in advance.  After cooking your crepes.  In another fry pan, fry you onions, mushrooms, kale and rosemary or whatever spice you think would be good.

Now stuff your crepes with prosciutto, your fried mixture of kale, mushrooms, onions, rosemary add some cheese.  I picked a Havarti with hot spice, topped with another slice of prosciutto, fold and fry it for a few seconds, place in a warm oven on plate topped with a slice of cheese, give it 15 minutes so cheese melts, then serve with salad and dark maple syrup. I put the salad on side plate so maple syrup will not get into the salad.  After this I serve one crepe filled with Nutella (we use Kirkland Nutella as it does not use palm oil) and banana, drizzled with maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Make sure you drizzle maple syrup on the vanilla ice cream as well.


Start with before dinner drinks, wine, beer, mixed drink, sherry and so on plus an appetizer


Rosemary and garlic triscuit crackers and Halloumi cheese.  I pick a halloumi cheese with a spice in it.  Before serving the cheese on the cracker I bbq the cheese.  You will need to oil the cheese with olive oil then bbq it for a few seconds, then serve on cracker.  I add a slice of tomato on top of the cheese.  I salt the tomato slices and add some parsley and oregano.  I serve the cheese on a platter, along with the crackers on the side and the tomatoes in a bowl so people can create there own appetizer.  Tomato and cracker, no cracker just tomato, or cracker and cheese or cracker and tomato and so on.



Dinner was going to be rosemary lamb chops, so oil the chops sprinkle with pepper, rosemary and parsley onto the lamb chops then bbq them once you are almost ready to eat as they should only take 4 minutes per side.  Serve them with many different salads.

Potato Salad

Red and White potatoes, I used 8 mediums ones for each colour, peeled and diced

3 tbsp. of saffron oil

2 tbsp. of white vinegar

2 tbsp. of grain mustard

4 green onions

3 celery stalks

some pepper

So you get a big pot and boil the water until it is hot and place the potatoes in the pot and cook until they are soft, use fork to determine if they are soft.  Once potatoes are cook remove from water cut up into bite sizes and remove any parts that are brown.  Put into a large bowl, add all other ingredients and toss.  Put into fridge and let sit for 2 hours before serving.  Enjoy.

Corn and Black Bean Salad

3/4 cup of olive oil

1/3 cup of red wine vinegar

1 tbsp. of brown sugar

4 cooked ears of corn

1 can of black beans small I used Kirkland organic black beans

1 red pepper, diced

1 English cucumber, peeled and diced

some chives, or spring onions, oregano, parsley, basil about 1 to 2 tbsp. in total


In a large pot of boil water cook the corn for 10 minutes, add sugar to the water when cooking.  Once cooked remove and let cool, then cut off corn and put into a large bowl, add all the other ingredients.  Remember to drain and wash the black beans before adding to the bowl.

corn black

Toss salad

Use different lettuces, plus diced peppers, diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, diced celery, diced spring onions, and olives.

I didn’t have time to make a cake so I bought a cake from IGA, a nice white cake with chocolate sprinkles.


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