Advice 4: Make An Ordinary Meal Into A Special Meal

Taking and ordinary meal and spicing it up.  And easy way to do this is by adding some herbs or wine and so on.  Like tonight I made my owners hamburgers.  I had pre-made them and froze them a while back.  So I took the patties out of the freezer along with the buns.  I fried the burgers up.  Now to fry them I heated the oil and added the tops of my onions that were trying to flower, into the oil so it would give the oil an onion flavour, I added some red wine, a few spices and Heinz sauce for burgers, then I fried the burgers in this.  Yummy!!! Next I took fresh lettuce from my garden, plus some kale, parsley and iceberg lettuce in it, mixed this up and serve this as a lettuce topping for the burgers.  And finally, I took an onion, sliced it up and fried it in the same oil as the burgers after removing the excess burger parts left over in the oil from frying the burgers.  Then I added spices, mustard, parsley, kale, thyme, and winter spice fried this all with the onions to make a nice little topping.  This is just an easy way to make your meal seem more exciting than usual without putting in the long effort to make a dazzling meal.


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