box of tomatoes

Yum, yum, yum

My tomatoes are growing well so now I have to create many tomato dishes and bruschetta is one of those I just love.

So I cut up a large box full of small cherry tomatoes.  I use an old peach box to collect my tomatoes in.  It says it is 3 lbs of peaches.  This box full will make two containers of 1.4kg each.


So I wash and clean the tomatoes then cut them into 4 pieces and place them into the plastic containers, I salt and pepper them as I go along.  Stirring making sure the salt and pepper gets spread out over all the tomatoes.  I pick a small onion white and one red from my garden, I diced them up and put half in each box with the tomatoes.  Stir to mix them up.  I dice up about 5 garlic for each box, very finely chopped up.  I throw this into the boxes and mix well.  Then I cut up some herbs, parsley, basil and lemon.  A mix of all up and chop up finely.  I put about a handful of chopped up herbs into each box of the tomato mixture.

15 tbsp. of olive oil

6  tsp of balsamic vinegar

4 tsp of lemon

You don’t want it to liquidly, you can play around with portions depending on the number of tomatoes.  You just want a nice amount so that you see that there is liquid in the box with the tomatoes.  Stir it up making sure all tomatoes have been covered in the liquids.

This goes good on baguette, or fresh crisp French bread, or Naan’s.  It is very nice on warm bread, you could also add some cheese if you want it to be a little different, either parmesan or feta cheese.

I also use it for a lunch time special, where I take my Naan’s warm it, once warm I spread roasted jalapenos hummus on the naan, then the bruschetta, topped with kale salad, oh so yummy.

Naan, chick pea spread, kale salad


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe


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