Dees Chicken and Vegetarian Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore


1, can of 28oz diced tomatoes

1, can of 28oz whole plum tomatoes

2, tbsp of dry Basil

4, boneless chicken

8, falafel pieces

1, 28 oz can of lentils

1, 14oz can of black beans

1, 5oz can of tomato paste

Salt and pepper

2 tbsp of avocado oil

1, large sweet onion

2, celery sticks

2, carrots

8, garlic cloves

2, peppers like red and yellow

1, tbsp of dry thyme

2, tbsp of parsley

2, tsp of oregano

200 ml of red wine

2, tsp of cayenne pepper

5, medium potatoes

Pinch of garlic powder, parsley and thyme

Will need butter, cream and milk


Heat oven to 375 F

Get two oven dishes, large

In each dish pour avocado oil over bottom

Then place in one dish the chicken, salt and pepper each piece and put slices into the chicken pieces

In the other dish put the 8 falafel pieces, salt and pepper them

Pour the lentils and beans in a strainer and rinse then pour over the chicken, do then same for the vegetarian dish

Dice, carrots, onions, garlic and celery, once all diced spread over the chicken and do same for vegetarian dish

Pour the two cans of tomatoes over each dish

Pour the red wine over each dish

Then sprinkle the herbs over each dish

Then placed covered into oven and bake for 1 hour

Remove from oven after hour and stir in 5 oz can of paste, if you like your sauce thick then add another can of paste

Return to oven uncover and cook for 1/2 hour

Vegetarian cacciatore

While dish is finishing cook peel and cut five medium potatoes, place in pot of water boil until tender. Once tender remove water, add butter, cream, some milk, pinch of garlic powder, parsley and thyme, add extra cream, milk and butter until smooth and creamy

Serve chicken cacciatore on top of the mashed potatoes do the same for the vegetarian cacciatore


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