Scrambled Eggs on a Naan


1 naan

A few slices of smoked cheddar cheese

1 egg

1 heap tbsp of bruschetta

3 tbsp of milk or cream


Bacon or sausage if you like

A nice and easy breakfast.

I warm my frying pan. While this is happening I turn on the oven and warm to 350.

Next I prepare my naan, run water over the naan, then put onto baking tray lined with bakers lining. Then I slice some smoked cheddar cheese, put the cheese onto the naan making sure it covers it. Once oven is warmed up to 350, then place naan and cheese on tray into oven, bake for 5 minutes.

While baking, if you are like me and have two ovens, then I turn the other oven onto warm so that I can warm up my plate and can keep the naan warm when done.

If you don’t have two ovens then when naan is cooked, remove tray, turn oven down to 150, put naan onto plate and put plate into oven.

Once you have warmed your fry pan up, spray with oil spray like Pam. In a small bowl or cup beat 1 egg plus about 3tbsp of milk and 1 heaping tbsp of Bruschetta into egg, beat, mixing well, sprinkle some pepper into mixture beat, mixing well.

Once all mixed together pour egg mixture into fry pan and cook your scrambled eggs the way you like them. I like mine well cooked but my kids prefer theirs to be slightly running. Once egg is cooked to your liking then take plate with naan out of oven and put the scrambled egg mixture on top of the cheese naan. If you like you can cook some bacon or sausage to go with this. Sprinkle a bit more pepper on top and sever.

If you like you could add some ketchup to it or you can fry some mushrooms sprinkling them over the egg mixture. Or any other topping you might like.

This is very easy, and very tasty.

Note, instead of bruschetta you could put a heaping spoon full of pesto to make your eggs fancy. Enjoy.

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