Creamy Mac&Cheese

Comfort food at the best


2tbsp of melted butter

1/4 cup of all purpose flour

3/4 cup of milk

1/2 cup of coffee cream

1/2 cup of whip cream

1 cup of shredded strong cheddar

1 cup of shredded mozzarella if you want sticky a light cheesy taste or Gruyere cheese or another strong cheddar or Gouda cheese if you like like stronger tasty cheese or a mix depending on your cheese preferences.

Some cayenne pepper about 1 tsp

Some garlic powder about 1 tsp

Some parsley about 1tsp

Some chives about 1 tsp

1 tbsp of mustard Dijon mustard


In a large pot of boiling water, once boiled add 12 to 16 handfuls of macaroni and some olive oil, cook pasta in hot water 10 mins.

In a smaller pot melt butter, once melted add flour, cayenne pepper, garlic and mustard mix well and let thicken. About a min, once thicken pour in milk, coffee cream and whip cream stir about 2 mins making smooth. Then add grated cheese until cheese has melted and sauce is smooth and creamy. Finally add parsley and chives stirring into sauce.

Drain pasta. Put pasta back into its pot but 1/3 at a time. Add 1/3 of sauce to pasta mix well. Repeat until all pasta and sauce are mixed together. Serve sprinkle with ground pepper and tomatoes if you like on the side. Enjoy.

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