Cheese Bagel Sandwich, Anybody

Looking for easy yet delightful delicious lunch sandwich. Take a bagel, toast it, then put strong cheddar cheese on it, put into oven using boil setting melt cheese, once cheese is melt add ham slice on top of cheese and then add good quality vinegar coleslaw, I use moishes, put 1 tbsp on top of each slice of ham, spread it out and put back into boiler, boil for about two minutes, when you bring it out add slice pickles, again I use moishes pickles. Get a plate when you close the two parts together, put a piece of paper towel on plate and bagel sandwich on top of the paper so the paper absorbs the juices from the coleslaw. Enjoy.

I didn’t add the paper underneath bagel until after pictures so that the sandwich will look the best it can.

Enjoy it’s incredible delicious! Of course if you want it to be vegetarian leave out ham and use a lemon Basile millet burger or lentil patty, or vegetarian meatballs but you might need to first warm up or cook depending your pick before adding it onto the bagel. But still delicious

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